Repurchase of SVAN trailers and semi-trailers

We produce trailers and semi-trailers mainly on order. We will adapt even the smallest details to your requirements and the environment where you will use the trailers. The lifespan of our trailers is really long, so during this time it may happen that you may need to change the subject of your business, adjust your requirements or you will simply want to buy a completely new trailer. That is why we offer you the repurchase of SVAN trailers and semi-trailers.

How does the redemption take place?

If you own an older trailer or semi-trailer and you decide to buy a new one from us, we can buy the old one from you for consideration. However, we do not guarantee that we will buy every trailer.

  • Please contact us first. We will arrange a visit to our complex in Slatiňany.
  • We will then check the condition of your trailer or semi-trailer.
  • We will prepare a price offer for you within a week.
  • After approval, your old trailer stays with us. We will then deduct its price from the price of the new trailer.
Purchased trailers from us are undergoing a thorough inspection, service, and subsequent overhaul, modernization. The trailer can then find a new owner in our bazaar. This strategy is in line with our philosophy of sustainable development and resource protection.

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