We are a family business manufacturing trailers and semitrailers for generations.

At SVAN Chrudim, we have been manufacturing trailers and semi-trailers for over 25 years. In the very beginning, we produced 9 trailers a year, but thanks to the constant modernization and expansion of our portfolio, we can now produce over 250 vehicles per year. We thus continue the engineering tradition of the Chrudim region. Thanks to the fact that we give space to skilled craftsmen, nothing of the original craftsmanship has disappeared.

Our goal is not serial production. We specialize in custom manufacturing, where we make each trailer exactly to meet all of your expectations, down to the smallest detail. With regular service, SVAN trailers last twice as long as the vehicle pulling them. That's how honest craftsmanship is.

the ESTABLISHment of the COMPANY

Although the launching of our company dates back to 1996, the tradition of the craft that we still practice today is from much earlier. The great-grandfather of the current owner was already very enterprising in engineering, he was also the first to establish a car service in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou. There he gained a lot of experience, which he passed on to his grandson Miroslav. However, he could not continue in business but still wanted to stay in the field of his father and grandfather. He started working for well-known companies such as Transporta Chrudim and Státní Lesy and subsequently became independent as a designer. Then he invested the gained experience in his own company SVAN Chrudim, which he founded in 1996.


SVAN was launched in 1996 and leased production halls in Slatiňany, not far from Chrudim. We have reached the first hundreds of manufactured trailers in 4 years. After these relatively modest beginnings, we managed to buy the entire production facility in Slatiňany in 2000. At that time, several very skillful employees joined us, some of whom still work with us. Mainly thanks to them, the company could become synonymous with high-quality custom-made utility trailers.

We currently have 40 employees maintaining a pleasant family atmosphere. We know that honest, experienced craftsmen are worth their weight in gold. That is why we value our employees very much and maintain a strong collaboration with each other. The proof is that not only whole families work here, but even generations.

The first employees of SVAN. Some of them still work with us.

"The only key to long-term success is honest work. And not only in the production of the trailers and semi-trailers themselves but in the entire business. We are glad that we were able to reconstruct and add new buildings after the purchase of the production facility. This has once again expanded our possibilities. With innovative products, we are thus successfully entering the foreign markets, which appreciates the traditional design trade. We believe that this is a guarantee not only of the company's future but above all customer satisfaction. "

In 2016 Ing. Miroslav Štěrb's son Radek and daughter Soňa took over the company.

SVAN Chrudim v číslech



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